“Bike Life” Sponsored Video by Schwinn

Most of us have strong childhood memories of carefree days riding our bikes with our friends. We also remember our first childhood crush and how that made us feel. The butterflies when we dated in our twenties, leading up to the big day when we said “I do”. Children come into the picture, and as they grow and become more confident we teach them how to ride a bike. It all comes full circle.

This is a classic story of boy meet girl, told beautifully by leading bike company Schwinn in their new advert “Bike Life” that you can catch here on The Marin Scoop (sidebar).

Schwinn has a great selection of children’s bikes and trikes on their website for kids 3 – 12 years old in classic styles and colors. You can also shop for helmets, gloves, knees and elbow pads to make the learning process easier and safer.

There is lots of useful information on the Schwinn Website including how important it is to select the right size and fit, and the adjustments you can make to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. There is also some great advice on how to teach your child to ride a bike; it’s probably very different to the way you were taught as kid!

The Schwinn Biking Journal is a clever idea as you can use it to record family memories of your children learning to ride a bike for the first time; the tumbles, the tears, and joy when they did it by themselves for the first time! As your family goes on bike rides together you can log your journeys, how far you went, and your findings along the way with photos!

Schwinn is a great company to have in mind when investing in bikes and riding equipment for your family.

“Bike Life” is wonderfully shot story that should inspire you to get on your bike and get in touch with your childhood love of riding!

This post is sponsored by Schwinn

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helena said...

This is a great cruiser that can be used by the beach and be resistant to rust because of the alloy frame.

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