"What Being a Dad Has Taught Me" & Father's Day Gift Ideas

This Sunday is Father's Day when we take the time to say thank you to not only our own father (and Grandpa) but to our husbands for the great job they do as co-pilot, and for the joy they bring into our children's lives. My husband and “wing man” has learnt a lot so far about being a Dad to two children and here are his top ten lessons:

What Being a Dad Has Taught Me

By Adam Davies

Being a Dad has taught me lots of things…especially that these kids are smart, way smarter than we give them credit for, but mostly that my kids think I'm the best Dad in the world, even when I've had a crappy day.

Here are the main 10 things I'm still learning daily about being a Dad:

1) I need to have a sense of humor about it all and remember to laugh at the chaos.

2) It doesn't matter how much you talk about poo, you'll never get used to the smell of someone else's!

3) Having two kids now, it's amazing how talented I've become at doing things one handed.

4) I now know, from having a son that there are more names for diggers and tractors than you could possibly imagine!

5) There are some fascinating things in life that we often overlook and take for granted, but that my kids are amazed by each day.

6) I still have so much more to learn about being a Dad, it isn't a science, I'm not always going to be perfect (yes, even Super Dads can mess up from time to time!), but patience and tolerance will get us through if you remember to laugh at your mistakes.

7) You need to remember to take loads pictures of your kids, not just so you won't forget... but also how else are you going to embarrass them at their future birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries?!

8) You need to remember that while the family always comes first, you need to find some time to still be the man you were, as well as the husband and father you have become. (Looking forward to tee off time  this week!)

9) We won't always be cleaning poo off everything forever and there will be an end to it. (BTW, you do need to stop having kids, if you want an end to that!)

10) Finally, you’re not in it alone! Remember to speak to other Dads. Something we guys aren't traditionally very good at. But you'll be amazed at the effects a good BBQ, cold beers and tequila shots can have, so get some Dads together and take some well-deserved down time now and then!

What Other Dads Have learnt from Fatherhood

“Since the birth of our children was not as expected (twins at 29 weeks) the parenting learning curve has been different than most. Knowing they would be in the hospital for months and I wouldn't be able to bond with them the traditional way, I think it kick started an incredibly powerful love and bond the second they arrived. I've heard some Dads say it takes time for those feelings to develop but for me it was instant, and in that way I feel lucky.”
Ryan, father to 10 week old premature twins

“I have learnt that time is precious. You can’t waste any time when you have kids and that you have to be organized with what and how you do things, that way everyone gets what they want when they want it.”
Jon, father to a 3 year old boy & 12 day old boy

“Being a Dad has taught me that living for someone else is more fun and rewarding than living for yourself. Oh and I forgot I really like peanut butter sandwiches a lot!”
Jimmy, Dad to a 2 year old daughter.

Affordable Father's Day Gift Ideas

Making a homemade card and present means a lot, and until some of our children can choose a gift themselves, we have to give them a helping hand.

Inserting a photo or piece of artwork inside a photo frame card and helping your child decorate the frame makes it more personal than a shop bought card. You can find them at most drugstores like CVS Pharmacy or Strathmore does great acid free ones.

Photographs capture memories and make them last forever. Print out your favorites and fit them into special "Dad" or “Daddy & Me” frames like this inexpensive one from Michaels you can also get similar ones from Kohl's or Target.

If he is a foodie why not make a hamper full of his favorite things like his favorite bottle of wine or beer, nice cheese, chips, chocolate etc. You could even take the hamper on a special Father's Day picnic.

The gift of downtime means a lot to a Dad. So reward him with a free pass in the form of homemade gift cards to spend a few hours on the golf course, a bike ride, a night out with the guys or an afternoon to enjoy the game in peace. You and your child can have fun making individual gift cards or color a small notebook of tear out sheets in the form of vouchers to use throughout the year.

Happy Father's Day!


nancy john said...

What a fun idea!!! Even if you didn't send it, I can think of other fun ways to use this idea at home with my kids. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

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