Guest Post: Garden to Fashion by Starlet

Hi everyone, my name is Starlet, and I am guest posting on The Marin Scoop today. I blog at Can You Come Home and I run an online handbag shop, Meridian110. I write about garden to fashion where I take elements from the garden and bring out the fashion in them.  I love connecting the two worlds, nature and fashion, as a part of our lifestyle.

Today I want to share with you a rich and fun fashion trend that I spotted in the garden. Or rather, a wonder of nature spotted in our style world =)

One color blocking, so many ways! 


When I saw this adorable mini pansies in the Berkeley Botanical Garden, I immediately knew that I had to do a fashion spread for it. Another proof of nature being the inspiration of our fashion trend! So cool, no?

Do you dare dress up in color block?
  1. Giambattita Valli color-block dress $1635 $818 from My Theresa 
  2. Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique S/L Drape Sleeve V-Neck Color Block Dress $80.99 from 6PM 
  3. Runway Zuzanna color-blocked dress $478 from BCBG 
  4. Reverse Color Block dress $62 from Singer22 
  5. Coco Love Pleats Excuse Me Dress $57.99 from ModCloth  my pick!
I love the bold contrast between the purple and electrified yellow. It's so fun and unexpected. While BCBG is always my go-to, in this round up, the pleat dress from ModCloth is my favorite. It's an effortless and cute way to take color blocking from day to night.

Accessorize in Color Block

  1. DVF Mimosa Snake Embossed Clutch $475 from Nordstrom 
  2. Irene Color Block Hobo Bags $148 $88.80 from Hobo 
  3. Asos Priscilla Platform Color Block Leather High Shoes $146.59 $72.43 from Asos
  4. Gianvito Rossi yellow purple contrast-trim suede shoes $1016 $847 from Matches
  5. Genuine Rare Ametrine Diamond Ring $1799 $949 from FineJewelers super popular (other style has been sold out, and I can definitely relate why!)
  6. Purple and Gold Stripe Self Tie Bow Tie by Elite $45 from 
To ease the fear factor of working with bold colors, you can inject them in limited amount with accessories. Match with any neutral colors or pair with same-family-hues, you can create a gorgeous ensemble that will catch the eye.

There you have it: color blocking in garden inspired fashion. Thanks Sophie for having me today. I really enjoyed hunting these fashionable pieces, there were plenty that it was hard to narrow it down! (Plus, I cannot say no to bold electrified hues!). So, let us know, which one of these contrasting color pieces is your favorite? 

Movie Review of 'Won’t Back Down'

This week’s guest post is written by Rachel Shapiro, who kindly attended a movie screening of the movie Won’t Back Down hosting by Circle of Moms.

Movie Review: Won’t Back Down

For moms especially, this movie is a tearjerker! Won’t Back Down is a story about hope and doing everything in your power so that your kids have a better life, a stronger education and a brighter future.

Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Jamie, a mom determined to find a better school for her second-grade daughter with Dyslexia, even if it’s means she has to start a new school herself. Without a college education, Jamie works two jobs in Pittsburgh desperately trying to support her daughter’s education. Unable to pay the private tuition, her daughter, Malia is forced to switch to Adams Elementary, the public school nearby where she struggles in the classroom and receives only criticism and abuse from her dead-beat teacher.

Won't Back Down review - The Marin Scoop

Jamie, driven to make a change no matter what it takes, teams up with Nona (played by Academy-Award Nominee Viola Davis), a mom and teacher at Adams who has lost sight of the great teacher she used to be. After some convincing, Nona joins Jamie for the sake of her son who gets bullied in school for being “slow.” Together they rally parents and teachers in hopes to convince the school board to let them turn Adams around, for the betterment of their kids. It’s a story about fighting for what you believe in, not for selfish reasons, but for sacrificial reasons.

No matter how many obstacles they stumble upon, and despite many temptations to give up, they won’t back down! The whole cast is great, but Gyllenhaal and Davis give outstanding performances. They are believable and relatable. You find yourself rooting for them the whole time. Examples of moms that we should all strive to be –ones who fight to the bitter end for their kids.

Overall, Won’t Back Down revolves around a great script, is extremely well directed and includes a standout cast (which also includes Holly Hunter, Rosie Perez and Ving Rhames). Two minutes into the movie, you are hooked! The film captures your attention immediately and draws you into the story till the end. With a splash of romance, a large dose of hope and a message to make a difference, Won’t Back Down is a movie worth seeing!

Watch in theaters September 28, 2012.

The Marin Scoop aims to provide unbiased editorials. However, I wish to disclose that from time to time I may receive free products or other compensation from companies for blogger reviews.


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