Mr Men & Little Miss Books

I used buy lots of bits and pieces from the Dollar Store for birthday party goodie bags, but once I had made up 10 - 15 goodies bags I realized that I had ended up spending too much money on a bunch of things that would probably get thrown away.

I now think giving the children an affordable book as a party treat or birthday gift is personal and means more. We are big fans of the Mr.Men & Little Miss book series by Roger Hargreaves in our house; as my husband and I grew up with them in the U.K and they are celebrating their 40 years anniversary. 

I like to choose characters that represent each guest; such as Little Miss Giggles, Mr. Bump, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Funny etc.

There is also Mr. Birthday and Little Miss Birthday for the birthday boy or girl…perfect!

The Mr Men & Little Miss Books are about $3.99 each and you can find them on

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