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Sophie Davies 

Amazing Babies Moving 5 Day Developmental Workshop

WHEN: Monday August 13th – Friday 17th 2012

WHERE: Dominican University Campus, San Rafael

Attend a 5-day engaging training with founder and director of Amazing Babies Moving Beverly Strokes who is an author and leader in the field of developmental movement education. 

This 5-Day Developmental Movement Program is designed to enhance the skills of educators, professionals and parents. The ABM/Educator integrated curriculum will provide you with an understanding of the vital links between movement development, expressive communication and self-motivated learning in the baby’s first year.

Learn more about the two-part Developmental Movement Framework that is the most effective way to communicate this important information to actively support parents, caregivers and babies. Participate in this exciting program:

- Explore the developmental movement patterns that provide optimal brain-body connections in babies and optimal movement in adults.

- Develop your movement observation skills to read the baby’s subtle communication cues for appropriate responses in social interactions.

- Learn about our baby research in Video and Photo Vignettes that will provide a new understanding of the baby’s intentions in action and social interaction.

Amazing Babies Moving Workshop - The Marin Scoop 

What Early Childhood Educators say about the Program:

“Watching the babies and then doing those movements myself and noticing how much I concentrated to do them, whereas the babies do it so naturally.  That brings a great understanding to how and why they move”. Caitlin Duplassie

“I liked it when we did the movement, then observed the babies do it.  It connected the concepts more clearly for me”. Anita Price

Beverly Strokes offers a signed copy of my book (used in Early Childhood Education Programs) a copy of my DVD (also in 5 languages) and they pay each parent $50 for their time and travel. Parent and Grandparent or Caregiver is also welcome.  

For further information see their website or email

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