Modern Cookie Company Opens in Larkspur Today!

Modern Cookie Company

25 Ward Street (off Magnolia), Larkspur; view website

The Modern Cookie Company opens their doors in Larkspur today, and I for one can’t wait to get in line for one of their unique baked-to-order warm cookies! It is the first location for the Marin-based business launched by two local moms; Jeanine Samuel and Erin Hull; both talented bakers who wanted to share their cookie concept in a kid-friendly social environment. Being “local” and organically-driven are important aspects of the Modern Cookie Company experience, and they also want to give back to the community to benefit children’s education. The Marin Scoop asked them both to explain more:

When and how did you start the Modern Cookie Company? 

Jeanine Samuel explains; “Modern Cookie Co's made-to-order concept is just launching now, but it's an idea that's been baking for a number of years...

It began with the desire for really amazing, just-outta-the oven, WARM cookies, never processed, or a day-old.  Couple that with a need for a family-friendly setting; a social place – like a coffee house, that's inviting of all ages, and uniquely modern in approach... I just needed to find the right partner and the right space. In 2010 everything fell into place when I met Erin Rose Hull, who shares my passion and vision, and who possesses an unmatched talent for baking! Wait ‘til you see what we have in store...

We are in beta mode currently, with a “soft” launch planned December 5th. But we really believe you will love what we’re doing, and give us your sincere feedback along the way so that together we can deliver the best cookie experience – one that’s truly customer-driven.”

Co-Founders Jeanine Samuel & Erin Hull

When did your love of baking begin? 

Head Baker; Erin Hull says; “It’s been a passion of mine for 20 years. I have always loved making baked goods and pastries, and really learned to love baking in college. For fun, my roommate and I would make peanut butter cups, chocolate chip cookies, cakes, brownies and cupcakes! I honed my skills and recipes, and further built upon my love of baking at Culinary Institute of America in St Helena (CIA culinary school) and I never stopped.

Jeanine adds; “I began baking in 4H as a young girl and continued to cultivate my baking and cooking abilities as a teenager. It was great therapy for me!  Today, I cherish baking with my girls, and passing along a wonderful, important tradition. Cookies are the original comfort food!
My recipes are adapted from my time growing up in Maine, and include ingredients like pumpkin and olive oil; our signature "fudge jumble" bars, linzer type cookies with blue chair jam, and a gluten-free oatmeal favorite we'll likely call the “larkspur truffle ball.” 

What makes a good cookie and what type of cookies do you offer?

“We are organically-driven and have very deliberately chosen our select & often locally-sourced ingredients with care. Starting with the very best...and balanced to bring out their different flavors. We’ve tested and tasted, then re-tested for flavor and texture, perfected our oven temp and cooking time.

It’s very much about the customer experience from the moment you enter, and we encourage your feedback as we grow the business from a beta concept, to a brand with multiple locations delivering the best cookies in the marketplace!

Furthermore, and exclusive to our approach, is that Modern Cookie Co’s cookies are made-to-order, per your specifications and presented to you fresh, within minutes – straight from-the-oven!  The possible combinations are many: you can choose your favorite dough, select your premium mix-ins and perhaps add a gourmet finish. Your cookie is warm, with just the right amount of gooey-inside, with a crispy-chewy texture.

We will also offer gluten-free and dairy-free dough in original & seasonal flavor options (including sweet and savory farmer’s market varieties). We have while-they-last Signature Cookies, Bar Cookies, S’Mores with house-made marshmallows, Three Twins Ice Cream Sandwiches and “Dough to Go.” We are also offering Bicycle Coffee, Art of Tea teas, Evolution Juices, Izze sodas and other beverages.”

Are you offering any special cookies for the holiday season?

“Absolutely! We will always offer seasonal cookies. Currently, we have Ginger Molasses and Pumpkin dough, in addition to Original, Shortbread, Sugar Cookie, Oatmeal, Molten Chocolate, Chewy Chocolate Brownie, Almond & Peanut Butter doughs. We have ginger men cookies and gingerbread house-shaped cookies and snowflake and dradle-shaped cookies and 12-Days of Christmas Cookies – there will be plenty of holiday themed decorated cookies – in addition to ingredients like dark chocolate-covered pomegranate, cranberries, peppermint candy, toffee, nuts, and finishes like edible glitter, various frostings, jams, and honey. And that’s just this coming holiday season!”

How are you giving back to the local community?

“We are a start-up, but we’re a company with a soul. More than just a cookie company, and a great in-store experience, we are inspired to “do something that matters”: 20% of (founder’s) after earnings profit is earmarked for public education non-profits. In addition to a small percentage of the company’s after-profit earnings.”

Go and taste their cookies for yourself at their new store; 
Modern Cookie Company, 25 Ward Street, Downtown Larkspur; view website
Also follow them on Twitter or Facebook

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