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The variety of baby food products can be a little overwhelming for a parent. As you stand in front of the market shelves deliberating over which type of food is best for your baby. You make important decisions about whether you buy organic or which brand has hidden sugar, salt and additives? The choice and marketing ploys can be confusing.

I experienced this with my son who is now 3 years old and again with my daughter when she started moving onto solids 6 months ago. I tried to give my daughter fresh pureed vegetables and Earth's Best jarred food; as they are an organic brand that I trust and my son loved them. But she wasn’t interested, so I tried another couple of brands and after a month or so I was starting to worry that my daughter wouldn’t enjoying eating and progress from nursing, as she was refusing the bottle.

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Food is a main event in our household, we always sit down as a family to eat together and we have brought our son up to enjoy a wide variety of food, so we were beginning to feel disappointed. Then a friend introduced me to the brand Ella's Kitchen and things began to change!

My daughter’s eating habits quickly improved and she especially liked Ella’s Kitchen’s Baby Brekkie pouches and started to open her mouth wide for the next spoonful. The Baby Brekkie is a breakfast blend of natural fruit puree, natural yogurt and brown rice in an array for flavors such as banana, mango, blueberry and pear, raisin and prune. It also makes a great dessert or snack on the go.

Ella's Kitchen Baby Brekkie - The Marin Scoop

I started to alternate the Baby Brekkie with the Fruit and Baby Rice pouches in pear and apples, or banana and apricot. These combinations are a good solution for hungry babies who want to give their kids more than just fruit but are not ready to go onto dairy and protein.

Ella's Kitchen is 100% organic with fun image and eye catching packaging, but what I like the best about this brand is their interesting and unusual mix of fruit and vegetables. Offering combinations like Butternut Squash, carrots, apples and prunes, or their Sweet Potatoes with pumpkin, apples and blueberries. For meat options there is the Chicken Casserole and the Beef Medley. There are also ones we are yet to try like the Creamy chicken and Corn Mash, or their Oat Crumble with apple, raisin and custard, yum! Yes I eat them too…

Ella & her father Paul - The Marin Scoop

I am pleased to say that 6 months on, my daughter has a great appetite and she eats all the fresh food that we eat at the family table. Ella’s Kitchen still remains to be my go-to brand for snacks on the go, eating in the car and taking lunch to the park etc. In particular their “Nibbly Fingers” fruit and wholegrain oat bars contain no concentrates or refined sugar; making is one of the healthier snack bar options!

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You can find Ella’s Kitchen at Target nationwide, Kroger, buybuybaby and order on-line on amazon.com and diapers.com

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