British Food & Drink for the Jubilee & Olympic Games

Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee wouldn’t be complete without the British food and drink!

Our family celebrated yesterday with some roast lamb and roast potatoes, but you can also use these ideas during the Olympic Games taking place in London in July!

Fill a pitcher of Pimms (available at Bevmo) filled with slices of cucumber, strawberries, orange and fresh mint… of and course some sweet treats for dessert!

Queen's Jubilee dessert table - The Marin Scoop

For dessert we make “Eton Mess”, which is a really easy summer pudding to make. Just fill a glass (or plastic cup for a BBQ) with chopped up summer berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries etc) and crumbled meringue. Then pour some cream on top and a couple of scoops of ice cream. You could grate some dark chocolate on top, add a strawberry or sprig of mint for decorate.

Pimms and Eton Mess

On the dessert table I laid out fruit scones with a pot of double cream and strawberry jam.

British food for the Olympic Games - The Marin Scoop

Also some cupcakes that I decorated with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee cake topper, which I found at Lakeland when I went back to London a few weeks ago.

Queen cake topper used on cupcakes - The Marin Scoop

I also found the Jubilee flag bunting there too, I was so inspired by how the British stores were gearing up for a summer of celebrations (Olympics next), and how the nation is embracing its Union Jack flag and rich heritage!

British dessert table - The Marin Scoop

God save the Queen and go UK team this summer! 

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