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One lady that defines the “mompreneur” title is Tori Spelling. In yesteryear she was Donna Martin from 90210, but now she is a bestselling author with four books under her belt and a new one launching next week, a jewelry designer, a craft designer, the owner of a home and lifestyle store in LA called "Inventori"  and the star of the Oxygen reality show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

Tori's family with baby Hattie in US Weekly

She is a creative woman with great taste and attention to detail which can be seen in her beautiful website called "ediTORIal" It features style tips for the home (Dwell) and your closet (Style), party ideas (Entertain), recipes (Eat), creative projects (Craft), lifestyle articles (Live), parenting tips (Raise), relationship advice (Love), and updates on all her businesses ventures (Launch).

"Dwell" Interior decor on 'ediTORIal" website

Most of the stories featured on the ediTORIal website have a personal angle, for example she will show how she cooked a particular meal with family snapshots alongside the recipes, or a picTORIal from a recent family holiday or vacation.

Tori's family on 'ediTORIal' website

One of my favorite aspects of the show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood is the various parties she organizes for her children, friends and charities. The parties usually have a theme such as a children’s “Hello Kitty” or “Ghostbuster” party or a “Vintage Bunny” baby shower. Now Tori is sharing her expertise in a new book about party planning called “CelebraTORI” out April 3rd (pre-order on 

Tori's new party planning book 'CelebraTORI"

She will be doing a book tour in LA and New York, unfortunately no San Francisco date, but my friends and I loved meeting her and her gay husband Mehran when she was promoting her “Uncharted TerriTORI” book. She was very charming and personal by taking the time to engage with everyone who stood outside in line on a foggy day. I also got a kick out of her taking particular interest in the bright yellow necklace I was wearing that day!

Meeting Tori Spelling in San Francisco

When you see Tori organizing a party or wedding on TV, she is running around multi-tasking the goodie bags, overseeing the dessert table and making flower arrangements, it is clear that Tori Spelling is the one in control and fanatic about detail. She is also an avid crafter who wants to make arts and crafts cool. To help get in touch with your inner-crafter, Tori will be the host and executive producer of a new TLC show called "Craft Wars" airing on June 26th. The show will feature craft enthusiasts competing against each other in two rounds of challenges with Tori as their mentor.

Tori will host "Craft Wars" TV show

Tori Spelling also launched a new craft and stationary line on HSN last month which featured tasteful graphics in beautiful color palettes. The line included a stationary thoughts card kit, a stamp, block and card kit, a memory book kit and a craft clutch bag for your tools and materials.

Tori's new stationary & craft line on HSN

On top of all that, last week Tori announced that she is pregnant with her fourth child after only giving birth to her daughter last year. How does she find the time and energy to pursue all these creative ventures and run a family? Who knows, but we enjoy watching and following her inspirational triumphs along the way!

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