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Bay Club San Francisco

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I have been feeling a bit burnt out recently so I jumped at the chance to experience a visit to the Bay Club in San Francisco. It was the city’s first coed club when it opened in 1977 in one of the first warehouses to be built along The Embarcadero. It is renowned for having the best squash, yoga and Pilates programs on the West Coastand is part of the Western Athletic Clubs. Western Athletic Clubs, in turn, is part of the larger KSL Resorts, owners of various hotels and resorts around the country, including Ranchos Las Palmas and Squaw Valley.

Bay Club San Francisco

On Tuesday morning I joined a group of lifestyle bloggers in the Bay Club’s Café for lunch after their yoga class (which I unfortunately couldn’t attend due to having a baby daughter who refuses the bottle, making my time out of the house limited). We met Christine Blake who has been part of the Bay Club for over 13 years and looked after us for the afternoon, and was also joined by Jae Berman who is a nutritionist and personal trainer.

Yoga at Bay Club San Francisco


Jae Berman explained that all of Western Athletic Club’s properties have a registered dietitian on staff to help create a plan that fits with their lifestyle and provides results. A healthy diet works hand in hand with a regular work out schedule. Jane explained more about her role at the club and her philosophy on food over a healthy lunch of grilled lemon pepper salmon with roasted parmesan potatoes and quinoa salad.

Bay Club SF gym

If we feel stressed and low on energy, what should moms do for ourselves and our families?

Jan went on to say “Putting your work, relationships and family members before food can cause problems. Eating every 2 – 3 hours can lower stress hormones and prevent your body from going into ‘survival mode’. In my opinion an apple alone doesn’t count as a substantial snack; protein with carbohydrate works better. Also remembering to eat is important, so put a meal timer on using your phone etc.”

During her studies Jane had to look back at her own upbringing to see what and how her parents fed her to fully understand her own eating habits as an adult. Unfortunately it wasn’t good, so she feels passionately about making sure the parents do the work to develop a child’s palette. She worked with PTA groups and went into family homes to teach the importance of healthy eating. “Sitting down for family mealtimes should be a peaceful experience not stressful.”

The pool at Bay Club San Francisco

Client Services

Next we met Kelsey Hicks, the Bay Club’s concierge who told us more about the club’s services offered to their clients.

During research into their client’s needs, they found that gym members can lose motivation with working out, so the club needs to keep it interesting by rewarding them. Their clientele likes to travel so they offer a Lifestyle Rewards points system for members to getaway to luxury resorts under the Western Athletic Club’s umbrella.

During the same research they found that most families find it a strain to transport their kids to the various sporting activities they are involved in. The Bay Club offers a one-stop club for various kid’s sports such as tennis and swimming, in fact they offer a swimming pre-team to get them ready for their own school team. 

Swimming at bay Club San Francisco

The childcare is also a popular amenity, and beginning of May complimentary childcare will be incorporated as part of the family membership. There are parent and tot swimming classes, some of which move outside during the summer time. Pregnant members can enjoy Pre-natal yoga and then move onto new mom boot camps with their little ones. 

Sanctuary Spa

After lunch we moved downstairs to the Sanctuary Spa which is also open to the public. We were greeted by the director Shana Ominsky who introduced us to the spa’s boutique which carries skincare lines Skin Ceuticals, Sonya Dakar, alongside a variety of beautiful gift ideas. 

The spa offers a menu of treatments to help you unwind and pamper yourself including massage, facials, hair removal, tanning and nail care. We were led to the locker room to change into our robes, it was the biggest locker room I have ever seen! We changed and went to the relaxation lounge where water and tea was provided and waited for our treatments.

Locker room at Bay Club San Francisco

I had a Sanctuary Signature Facial with one of their friendly estheticians called Candy. Her serene demeanor made me instantly relaxed while she took a look at my skin and talking me through the facial treatment. First she cleansed, toned and exfoliated my face while steam opened my pores. She gave me probably the gentlest extraction I have ever experienced, which left my face polished rather than looking red and sore. She then used a high frequency machine using ozone to kick off any bacteria and heal my blemishes. A cooling lavender clay mask was applied and she gave me a relaxing shoulder and neck massage as the mask took effect. Each step of the facial brought new smells which heightened my senses, each serum and moisturizing product smelt gorgeous and natural. I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated by the end of the treatment and my skin is still glowing with little make up!

Sanctuary Spa Signature Facial 

I highly recommend taking time out from your busy schedule to experience the Bay Club, their exercise facilities and spa treatments give your body and mind what it needs, especially if you are a mom, and if your skin needs a make-over be sure to ask for Candy!

Bay Club San Francisco, 150 Greenwich Street, San Francisco

Bay Club Marin, 220 Corte Madera, Marin  

Bay Club Ross Valley, 235 Bon Air Road, Kentfield

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