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If you are looking for indoor activities to do with your children during this changeable weather, check out HABITOT in Berkeley. Habitot is a children’s play and learning center with various themed areas for plenty of exploration and dramatic play.

Children can dress up as astronauts and take a ride inside a rocketship full of lights, buttons, keyboards, and phones to call mission control beside it. 

They can dress up in other costumes in front of lit up mirrors and experiment with face paints. Take a shopping trip with their carts round the fresh produce market, or splash round with water in Waterworks area.

There is a great arts and crafts room which has a huge wall for kids to grab a paintbrush and go crazy on, or sit down for organized art and craft activities. My son enjoyed discovering GAK which is similar to Playdoh but has a sticky rubbery consistence (GAK Facebook page). We also played with glue and glitter together to make a picture of his name.

There is also a small soft play area called the Infant Garden for little ones which was perfect for my 8 month daughter who is less happy to sit in her stroller and wants to join in the fun by starting to crawl and cruise around.

HABITOT has some great resources like the good selection of books in their parenting reference library with their own parenting pamphlets on useful subjects like; learning to share, how to stop biting, and how to control anger (theirs and yours). Also a toy lending service which is a wonderful idea!

The discovery museum is a small part of the large building that has been hosting classes and art programs since 1998. The appearance of the museum and its play structures reflects how long it has been open, and they welcome donations to help update their exhibit. I just wish the toy store by the entrance wasn’t so close the play areas as my son just kept wandering into it and wanting me to buy everything he picked up. 

But HABITOT is good fun, especially on a rainy day and worth checking out!

For further information and opening times, please see their website

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