How to Help Your Kids Get Along

My 9 month daughter is crawling, cruising and into everything especially the toys my 3 year old son is playing with. I find it endearing that she looks up to her big brother and wants to be involved in what he is doing…while my son finds it very annoying. He loves her very much but suddenly she is constantly in his space picking up his trucks and cars and smashing his LEGO creations. This is making him mad and causing him push her away, snatch his toys back and bang her on the head with them.

On the days he is off school, it is constant and I have to issue a couple of time outs to let him cool down and think about why it is not nice to hit his sister.

I saw a mom the other day that has children a similar age to mine, I was surprised to see her daughter just one month older than mine running round the soft gym. “I can’t believe she is not only walking but running, and so fast” I said. Her reply was “I think she has learnt it out of fear, to get away from her big sister!”

Sometimes there are quiet moments when they two of them play side by side and I can step away and watch them happily from afar. But the majority of the time I am trying to keep the peace by being the negotiator.

I needed help figuring out the best course of action as this is just the beginning of sibling conflict, so this article on Circle of Moms about ways to help your kids get along gave me some good tools to work with: Read Article

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