'Pizza Orgasmica', 'X Factor' & 'Moneyball'

I like to write Restaurant Reviews from a parent’s point of view, and as a family we love our food, so we have little interest in the family friendly chain restaurants that serve poor quality food for cheap prices. We like to enjoy well executed food using good quality ingredients in nice surroundings, instead of rubber pancakes on plastic seats.

Pizza Orgasmica

819 A Street #34, San Rafael; view website

When the fourth location of Pizza Orgasmica (three in San Francisco) opened in San Rafael at the beginning of the year it was overshadowed by the controversy surrounding the bright yellow exterior paint job that had local residents up in arms. Surely what’s more important is what a business brings to the neighborhood and for their regular customers it is great pizza in fun surroundings with a bar and most importantly a great play area for kids, which is a genius idea!

After waiting for the service problems to improve after the initial opening (nothing worse than hungry children and slow service), we went to a friend’s party hosted in their back room. The room can be hired out and the fee is donated to charity, which is a wonderful idea! It is a large bright, open space with long communal wooden tables and benches, smaller plastic tables and chairs for the children to eat at and a play area situated in the middle of the room for the kids to play with an assortment of toys and play houses.

The main area of the restaurant is a larger open space with an exposed industrial ceiling, a substantial bar area with screens to watch the game. Individual wood tables and chairs, and a relaxed seating area with rugs, low tables and throw cushions that people can lounge on.
The interior matches the exterior with bright mix match colors on the walls and window frames. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and that is also reflected in the names of pizzas on the menu, such as “Hot Mama”, “Kinky Cow” and “Doggie Style”!

Aside from the comedy names, they actually taste pretty good with interesting ingredient combinations such as the “Serpent’s Kiss” which is made up of cheddar cheese, garlic sauce, lemon pepper chicken, sliced provolone, romano, parmesan, zucchini, red and green onions. 
The “Hot Mama” is light mozzarella cheese, tomato, shredded carrot, ground beef and blue cheese crumbles. 

They have 12 vegetarian pizzas on the menu including the “Sweet Valentine” with white wine sauce, rosemary potato, roasted red pepper, white onion and basil. There four fish pizzas in their “Under the Sea” section of their pizza menu, or you can create your own using their Orgasmica corn meal crust, Sicilian thick crust or the Calzone for two to share. You can also choose from five different sizes including a 9 inch individual size if you don’t want to share.

If you are not in the mood for pizza then there is plenty of choice from their Brazilian menu including Brazilian style stroganoff, BBQ, and traditional steak dishes such the ‘Bife Acebolado’ which is grilled beef, onions topped with a fried egg and served with rice and tropeiro beans. ‘Tilapia Grelhada’ in Bella Munier sauce served with saffron rice and steamed vegetables, or the ‘Feijoada which is a “sinful black bean and pork stew”.

I was very full after my pizza and salad but there is a small choice of desserts such as ‘Mango Panna Cotta’ and ‘Crème Brulee with Frutti di Bosco’, which I look forward to trying on my next visit!

Pizza Orgasmica has a wide selection of delicious creative pizzas and Brazilian dishes that is exotic comfort food, which you can enjoy in a fun environment. The Kid’s play area is a genius idea and I wish more restaurants offered something similar, it allows the adults to kick back and eat and drink their selection of wine and beers at a more leisurely pace rather than rushing, which makes an enjoyable experience for all involved!

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X Factor

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X Factor starts this Wednesday September 21st at 8.00pm on Fox  

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