Little Froglet's Ultimate Year-Round Jacket & Gap's Portobello Collection

As the kids go back to school and my son starts his first official week at preschool, we are experiencing cooler weather at the start of the day. Cloudy mornings in Marin and the East Bay until the sun breaks through, and there is always cold fog in San Francisco this time of year, but our kids still need to get outside and run around in the playground or backyard. Local mom Nicole Cibellis has come up with solution; the ultimate year-round jacket from her newly launched brand “Little Froglet”.

Also this week, Gap celebrate British heritage with the “Portobello Collection” featuring cool outfits for boys and girls that ooze cool Britanna style! 

Little Froglet

Little Froglet have designed a great year-round hooded jacket for boys and girls that matches practicality with style, just in time for the back-to-school fall season. The jacket has thumbholes in the sleeves that keep children’s hands warm while maintaining dexterity, an extra-high collar and a hood that will NOT fall off.

President and founder of Little Froglet Nicole Cibellis explains more:

“Having spent the past few years at the playground it wasn’t long before I saw the need for quality children’s activeware. I am continually inspired to create children’s clothing that is both functional and seriously fun to wear.”

Nicola Cibelis has worked for prestigious brands such as Williams-Sonoma, The Body Shop and Pottery Barn before becoming an entrepreneur after being laid off shortly after returning to work from maternity leave during the economy down turn.

“Little Froglet was a natural transition for me, I saw the market in the adult activeware changing and thought that the same need to happen in children’s activeware. I decided it was the opportunity I was looking for and it was time to start a company of my own.”

Little Froglet is based in Marin and its mission is to build a company with a conscience that is true to its customers, designing ‘Real Clothes for Real Kids’. Nicole explains the story behind the brand’s name:

“A Little Froglet is older than a tadpole but not quite a frog yet. We, at Little Froglet, have been inspired by this stage of a child’s life. Little Froglets have boundless energy, and we love to keep up with them. They are fearless, risk-takers, always searching to test the limits while rarely getting enough of playtime. We believe in fostering their creativity and individuality through their playfulness and wonder.”

The Little Froglet jacket is available in sky blue, raspberry pink and chocolate brown, sized 2T – 5T and priced at a reasonable $45.00. You can order it through the website; Little Froglet

GAP Portobello Collection

I am loving the new “Portobello Collection” at GAP celebrating British style with the Union Jack flag printed on boy’s hooded jackets, a backback and cap, also plaid shirts with stripy ties and Prince of Wales sweater vest (or waistcoats as us Brits call them) that look great with turned up jeans. 

For girls they offer the quintessential Portobello Road look; ribbon trimmed corduroy trousers, ruffle cardigan and a cute ruffle trim trench coat worn with ballet flat shoes. 

Check out these great window displays at Corte Madera The Village 
View the collection at Gap website

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