Peter Pumpkin Patch, Kid's Yoga Class & "The Way" Movie

As it is the last weekend before Halloween, check out a great pumpkin patch in Petaluma where you can dig for potatoes and sample great cheese and fresh made ice-cream. Sign up for a great kid’s yoga workshop in Terra Linda to help gain strength and learn how to relax, also check out a poignant drama starring Martin Sheen about his pilgrimage through France and Spain in memory of his son in "The Way"

Play Date

Peter Pumpkin Patch, Spring Hill Cheese Company, 4235 Spring Hill Road, Petaluma; view website

Last weekend we discovered a great pumpkin patch with friends at Spring Hill Cheese Company in Petaluma. It is called Peter Pumpkin Patch and has great activities to do with the kids. You can take a FREE hay ride to the field to pick your own potatoes, you are given a bag and a fork and you start digging, it’s a bit like a doing a Easter egg hunt in the dirt, my son loved it! There is a hay pyramid to climb, old wagons and tractors to see, and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes to run around. You can look at the baby carves some only 8 days old in their little pins before they can join the other cows in the field, or even see a full size cow close up.

For lunch we enjoyed their cheese that comes in a picnic box with crackers, salami and grapes…but best of all was their fresh made ice-cream in vanilla and pumpkin flavor…a first for my son and for me!

Kid’s Yoga

Embrace Yoga, 600 Manuel t. Freitas Parkway, San Rafael (near Scottys’s Market) Register in advance ($90 for the series); view website
Wednesdays: October 26th – November 30th
Ages 3 – 6 yrs: 3.15 – 3.45 pm with Sharon Cummings
Ages 7 – 12 yrs: 3.45 – 4.30 pm with Sat Rattan

A fun 6 week workshop series that will incorporate yoga and breathing, group games, partner yoga and drawings to help children relax and calm their minds and increase flexibility and body awareness.

Movie of the Week

The Way

Emilio Estevez directs his father Martin Sheen in his first lead role in thirty years in “The Way”. Sheen plays a father who travels to St. Jean Pied de Port, France to bring his son’s body home, when he finds out that he died near the beginning of a pilgrimage to Spain he decides to walk it in his honor, meeting interesting characters along the way.

I found it to be a poignant drama about a man going on an inward journey to contemplate about his relationships with others with some moving and humorous moments. View website

Baby & Toddler 

Weekly Activities Calendars

Looking for something to entertain your toddler or want to reach out to new moms with babies this week?

To view this week’s activities: Click here

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